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FAQs of TechyCub Mac Cleaner

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1. Is Mac Cleaner safe to use?
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Of course. Mac Cleaner is definitely safe and is notarized by Apple. It identifies important data and removes only useless and outdated data. Our safety database enables Mac Cleaner to keep user data safe.
2. How can I preview my files after the scanning is done?
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When TechyCub Mac Cleaner finishes the scanning process, automatically the results will show up for you to start checking. If you want to further preview or locate your files, just click the magnifier icon next to your items, so that you can open the saving folder to preview.
3. Do you support a free trial version? And are there any differences between the trial version and the registered version?
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Of course, you can try TechyCub Mac Cleaner for free, but there will be some limitations on the trial version. Besides that, the functions of the trial version and the registered version are basically the same.
4. How do I know my files are completely deleted if there are no signals indicating that "Cleaning is Completed"?
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Don't worry about that. If you have successfully removed all your caches and trashes, you will see those files own "Zero KB" and a "Clean" button that cannot be clicked.
5. If I possess more than one Mac device, can I use the program on them with one registration code?
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Yes, you can use one registration code of TechyCub Mac Cleaner for 2 Macs or even 5 Macs licenses. TechyCub Mac Cleaner is available in 3 versions, just in order to fit your different needs. Furthermore, if you need a registration code for more than 5 Macs, you're most welcome to contact us to get a discount.
6. Do I need to install the Help Tool? Why?
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In daily cases, applications have no permission to access important system files and user data because of system restrictions. Therefore, it's hard to execute the cleaning process. The Helper Tool is a way to get permission from the system, then TechyCub Mac Cleaner can remove system caches and junks. But the choice is up to you. If you don't want to install it, you can go to TechyCub Mac Cleaner> Extensions > Proxy to uninstall this helper tool.