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About Us

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Who We Are

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We are born as a cub, grow as a cub and keep being a cub for a long time. But after long years of studying, researching, and developing, we turn ourselves from a normal cub into a techy cub.
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We look like a cub, yet we are not a cub anymore.
Technology is our thing.
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What We Do

We aim to develop software and share technical tips and solutions with people.
So far we are having many new ideas waiting to be developed and Mac is our area of expertise.
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Why Us

Over the years, we have, lurking in the market, doing researches and analyses, and we have studied and developed technological software in our studios, and constantly proposed new solutions.

TechyCub worked hard to develop this product which combines the advantages of all related products on the market and can meet the various needs of users for Mac.