How to Crop A Picture on Mac in 2023

Part 1. IntroductionPart 2. Crop A Picture on Mac Using PreviewPart 3. BONUS: Other Functions of PreviewPart 4. Conclusion

Part 1. Introduction

Supposed that you are logging on to your Facebook or Instagram on your Mac, and you want to post some of your photos on the website. However, there is a problem turning up. You have no idea of how to beautify your photos on Mac or even how to crop an image on Mac. When you are viewing your photos on the Photos app on an iPhone device, you can press the Edit button on the top-right corner and crop it quickly at the same time.

Likewise, on a Mac, you can also make this function come true to edit your pictures. Simple as the function is, it seems to trouble quite a few Mac users because most of those users are not sure of the path and method to get the function. Are you one among them? Read this article to solve this issue and learn about how to crop an image on Mac now or just to master this skill of a Mac device.

How to Crop A Picture on Mac

Part 2. Crop A Picture on Mac Using Preview

Mac has its built-in tool Preview for users to view and edit images. That is to say that you do not need to download other third-party tools to help you directly crop your pictures and photos on Mac. Of course, if you want to add other effects like adding a filter on photos, you can also download PhotoShop and other photo editors or photos app. It is a simple and easy Preview to help users quickly finish viewing and editing pictures and PDFs, just as the other photos app does. Let us see how to crop an image on Mac with Preview.

How To Crop A Picture Crop

1. View photos in Preview on Mac

Step 1. Choose A Picture on Mac

Right-click the photos or pictures you want to view on your Mac.

Step 2. Select Open with...

Step 3. Choose Preview.

Choose Preview as the tool to view your photos on your Mac.

Now you can view the pictures in Preview.

Tips: Via the steps above, you can also view PDF files on your Mac.

2. Crop Pictures in Preview on Mac

Step 1. Open and View A Picture

Open and view the photos you want to crop in Preview through the steps above.

Step 2. Hit the Show Markup Toolbar

You can see the Show Markup Toolbar is on the top-right side. Hit this icon.

Step 3. Adjust and Crop Pictures

Then, tools including Selection, Sketch, Color Adjust, and Text are expanded. Now you can start to crop your pictures. You can adjust the size to crop your pictures.

Step 4. Crop The Picture

Press Command + K, one crop button, to crop the image.

Part 3. BONUS: Other Functions of Preview

Preview is virtually a powerful built-in tool for images on Mac. Except for cropping pictures, it can also highlight PDFs, annotate a document, add your signatures to a document, and share documents. Here is a brief guide for you on how to implement such functions in the following introductions.

#1. How to highlight PDFs in Preview on Mac

Meanwhile, Preview is not only a tool for images but also a tool provided for users to view and print PDF files. Therefore, you can have access to highlighting PDFs in Preview on your Mac device.

Step 1. Choose A PDF

Choose a PDF and view it in Preview.

Step 2. Tap Highlight

Tap the Highlight icon on the top side.

Step 3. Begin to Highlight

Now, you can highlight the text shown on the screen.

#2. How to annotate a document in Preview on Mac

Annotating allows you to mark your documents in different ways however and whatever you want.

Step 1. Open The File.

Open the documents you want to mark a note on in Preview.

Step 2. Choose Tools.

Step 3. Select Annotate.

Step 4. Choose your preferred way to annotate in the menu bar.

  • Highlight
  • Strike Through text
  • Rectangle
  • Oval
  • Line
  • Arrow
  • Polygon
  • Star
  • Text
  • Speech bubble
  • Mask
  • Loupe
  • Note

#3. How to add your signature to a document in Preview on Mac

Adding your signature to a document is one of the greatest functions in Preview. In this way, you can add your signature to any other documents in Preview.

Step 1. Open A Document

Open the file you want to add your signature to in Preview.

Step 2. Sign Your Name

Sign your name on a blank sheet.

Step 3. Press the Show Markup Toolbar button.

Step 4. Choose Sign.

Step 5. Choose Camera.

Step 6. Add Your Signature

Take a photo of your signature.

Step 7. Press the Done button.

Step 8. Choose your signature

Click your signature added in Preview just now.

Step 9. Adjust Your Signature

Add and place your signature on the document. Also, you can resize the signature as you like.

#4. How to share documents from Preview on Mac

After cropping your pictures or adding your signature to the documents, you can directly share the pictures or documents with others through Preview.

Step 1. Choose The File

Choose the file you want to share with others or after you edit the pictures or documents, stay in the view page.

Step 2. Select Share

Then, select the Share button.

Step 3. Click The Way

Later, you are supposed to click the path or way you share with others by. Four options are listed: Mail, Messages, AirDrop, and Notes.

Part 4. Conclusion

As has been introduced to you above, without downloading and installing other third-party software on your Mac, you can also realize to crop your picture or even beautify your photos. Plus, you can view and edit your PDFs as well. Preview is a helper on Mac indeed.

Since you have mastered the method of how to crop pictures on Mac, you can edit or beautify your photos no matter what and how you want. It is a great skill to help you have a more satisfying experience on your Mac device.

If any questions about how to crop pictures on Mac or other Mac skills, please feel at ease to comment below or email to contact us.

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