The Best and Easiest Way to Clear Space on Mac

Do you currently have a slow-performing Mac? Want to know how you can speed it up? Then read this post up to the very end.

All Mac users have one thing that they experience when using their Mac. And that is a slow or lagging performance from your system. Well, this is one of the most common things that every Mac user gets when they have them for a very long time. And the reason for this is because you might a lot of unnecessary files stored in it which is why you have to clear space on Mac.

And with that, we are going to show you ways on how you can clear space on Mac and make it work like it was newly bought. Just make sure to read this article and you will be able to solve your problem in no time.

Part 1. Why Do Your Space on Mac Gets Full?Part 2. What Are The Things to Do to Clear Space on Mac?Part 3. How to Clean Up Space on Mac?Part 4. The Best and Easiest Way to Clear Space on MacPart 5. Conclusion

Part 1. Why Do Your Space on Mac Gets Full?

There are actually a lot of reasons why you are having a full space on your Mac. It can be because you might have a lot of files stored in it that you no longer need. Another is because of those photos you stored in your system that had duplicates. There might also be some applications installed on your Mac that you have no idea how to use.

Clear Space on Mac

We know that the reasons why the space on your Mac is full are very much common to everyone. That is why you might have to run down a check on your Mac from time to time. This way, you will be able to prevent your Mac from getting full.

Part 2. What Are The Things to Do to Clear Space on Mac?

Before we go ahead and show you the procedure on how you can clear storage space on Mac, you have to know first the things that you have to do when the space of your Mac is full.

  • Delete unwanted files from your Mac.
  • Have some of your important files saved in your external hard drive or your cloud storage.
  • You can use another internal hard disk for your Mac.

Part 3. How to Clean Up Space on Mac?

Now that you know a few things about piled-up files on your files and what to do to them, we bet that you are now wondering how exactly you can clear space on Mac. And with that, here are the solutions that you can apply.

Solution 1. Clean Up Your Cache

The caches that you have on your Mac are actually one of the reasons why you can use your programs smoothly. They actually serve as the blueprint of your programs. However, over the time that you have these caches, they tend to pile up on your Mac which can result to eat up a lot of space from your Mac. That is why it is also a good idea that you tend to clean up those caches that you have. Here is how you can do it.

  • Open your Finder and Go from its menu bar.
  • From there, click on the Go to Folder tab.
  • Then key in ~/Library/Caches then remove all of the files that are eating up a lot of space on your Mac.
  • From there, choose the Go to Folder tab again.
  • Enter /Library/Cache then delete also the files or even folders that are taking up the most space on your Mac.

Clean Up Cache to Clear Space on Mac

Solution 2. Remove Your Duplicate Files

Even if you have the most organized Mac on earth, there will still be a chance that you have some duplicate files stored in it. It can be because you might have mistakenly downloaded them again or you have opened up an attachment from your email twice. Nevertheless, here are the steps to remove those duplicate files.

  • Open your Finder from Mac.
  • Then, hover your mouse over to File and choose New Smart Folder.
  • Hit on the + button which can be seen in the top right corner of your screen.
  • From there, select the files that you want to remove or delete from your Mac.
  • You can also sort those files according to their names. This way, it will be easier for you to look for your duplicates.

Solution 3. Take Away iOS Backups

We often use our Mac to back up some of our files, that is why here is what you need to do to clean it up.

  • Open up Finder on Mac
  • Hit the Go button from the menu bar.
  • Choose Go to Folder
  • Type ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/
  • From there, remove all of the iOS backups that you no longer need.

Solution 4. Take Out All Large and Old Files

Working on your Mac is one of the best perks that you can have with this machine. Especially if you have some files that you need to finish or even reports. And for the long time that you are using your Mac to save and create files, this also tends that you might have accommodated a lot of old and large files.

That is why removing these large and old files from your Mac is one of the best ideas that you should apply in order for you to clear space on Mac. You can check out the documents folder on your Mac and there you will be able to find some of your large and old files.

Solution 5. Uninstall Unneeded Apps from Mac

Another thing also that some Mac users do not know is that having too many applications installed on their Mac is also not a good thing to do. This is because these apps also eat up space. So, all you need to do here is to have those unneeded apps on your Mac removed for you to clear space on your Mac. All you have to do to delete them and the files that came with the app.

Solution 6. Empty Your Trash

As we all know, the Trash Bin in our Mac is where we put all of our files that had been deleted from your system. However, even if they are now in your trash does not mean that they no longer eat up space. They still do, and that is a fact. That is why you also have to empty out your trash every time you delete something from your Mac. All you need to do is to go to your Trash Bin folder, choose all the files that you have there, and then delete them all.

Part 4. The Best and Easiest Way to Clear Space on Mac

If you are going to take a look at the solutions that we have shown you above, the steps are pretty much simple. However, it can consume a lot of your time as you have to go through your files manually. Then, you might be wondering if there is a simpler and easier way to do all of those, right?

Luckily, we have the perfect tool to clear storage space on Mac easily and that is no other than TechyCub Mac Cleaner.

The TechyCub Mac Cleaner is one great, efficient, easiest, and safest way to clean up space on Mac. By using the Mac Cleaner, you will be able to do all of the solutions above in just one click without the need to go through your folders or files one by one.

To show you an example, let us show you how you can clear space on Mac starting off with your junk files.

Step 1. Install and Launch TechyCub Mac Cleaner

Have the TechyCub Mac Cleaner downloaded and installed on your Mac. And once you are done, double-click on it to launch it.

mac cleaner icon Mac Cleaner Scan your Mac quickly and clean junk files easily. Check the primary status of your Mac including the disk usage, CPU status, memory usage, etc. Speed up your Mac with simple clicks. Free Download

Step 2. Check Your System Status

Then, on the main interface of the TechyCub Mac Cleaner tool, you can see the system status of your Mac. This shows your CPU usage, Disk usage, and as well as the Memory remaining on your Mac.

Step 3. Select Junk Cleaner Module

Then, on the same page, simply click on the “Junk Cleaner” tab located at the left of your screen and click the SCAN button.

Select Junk Cleaner to Clear Space on Mac

Step 4. Choose Files to Clean

After the scanning process is complete, you can now choose the files that you want to delete from your Mac.

Step 5. Clean Space on Mac

After choosing the files you want to delete, click on the “Clean” button just below your screen. The process of cleaning up your Mac will then start. So, all you need to do is to wait for it to complete.

Click the Clean Button to Clear Space on Mac

Not only the system junks that the TechyCub Mac Cleaner can clean but also a whole lot more. Such as your large and old files, your duplicate files, similar photos, uninstall apps you no longer need, and so much more. Several abilities in just one tool. What more can you ask for?

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Part 5. Conclusion

As you can see, being able to clean space on Mac is a very important thing to do especially if you want your Mac to work smoothly. That is why the TechyCub Mac Cleaneris a must-have tool for you to help you clear space on Mac in no time.

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